2019 NJSIAA Soccer Recertification Exam

The 2019 NJSIAA Annual Soccer recertification exam is posted on the NJSIAA Central Hub.  Log into Arbiter, select your NJSIAA Central Hub account then TESTING tab to access the exam.  You can also select your NJSIAA Official account, then LISTS tab then FORMS tab to access the exam sample and other documents.

As voted on by the NJSOA, you will have THREE attempts to pass the exam with an 84% before July 31st.  The exam is 50 questions chosen at random from a pool of 104 questions.  The test for each referee will be different.

Click the links below to access the sample exam and other documents:

NJSIAA 2019-2020 Sample Exam
NFHS 2019-2020 Soccer Rules Changes
NJ Modifications 2018 (no changes this year)
NJSIAA Officials Handbook